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We started building the forward tilting hood kits for the 61-66 F-Series trucks when I was building my 63 F100. I wanted something different on the truck to make it stand out in a crowd. I couldn't find a company to build these so I took it upon myself to build some jigs and start making them.

The truck on the home page was my Dad's truck that he bought in 1972 after we moved to Arizona. He sold the truck in the early 90's and I kept track of it. I finally had the opportunity to buy it back in 2001. It started out to be a simple rebuild but ended up a 9 1/2 year project with a lot more being done than was in the original plan. I finished this project in 2010 and then took it back apart a year later to change engines to Lincoln 4.6L DOHC engine.

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This is the article on our truck in the March 2013 edition of Classic Trucks