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These fit the 61-64 Ford truck

step well for the regular cab and the unibody. They also fit

the 65/66 4WD with the step


These are a machined finish.

There are machining marks

in these that show. They are

smooth to the touch but some machine marks do show.

Stainless screws are included.

Polished with the polished finish

$210.00 per pair - machined finish

AZ residence add 8.6% sales


Option: 61-64 Ford truck Brushed finish

$210.00 per pair

Option: 61-64 Ford truck Polished finish

$240.00 per pair

61-64 Ford truck Machined finish - unpolished

$210.00 per pair 

57-60 Ford truck step well trim. These are available in a machined finish. These already have a slight brushed finish on them.

Stainless screws are included

Screws are polished with the polished finish pieces

$230.00 per pair - machined finish

$300.00 per pair- polished finish

AZ res. add 8.6% sales tax

57-60 Ford truck machined finish

$230.00 per pair

57-60 Ford truck

Polished finish

$300.00 per pair